Metro Canteens now offers a great new time saving online lunch ordering system for your Students and their Parents. Ordering lunches has never been so easy or reliable.

Parents & Students appreciate:-

  • Faster and more accurate ordering
  • Ordering at a time convenient to them - in the morning, night before, or weeks in advance!
  • Kids can be taught healthy eating in a fun way
  • Orders can be made from any computer
  • Kids don�t have to carry cash to school - payments can be made online!

It's so easy for Parents

How It Works

Once registered, parents simply enter their child�s name, school and class, and add funds (say $20) into a pre-paid account.

Their account can be topped up again and again in the same way, or set to automatically top-up via credit card when the balance falls below a pre-set minimum.

Parents or students log into the website at any time to place orders, up until 9:15am on the day of the order.

As purchases are made, the funds are taken from their pre-paid account.

Each order is sent automatically to your school canteen, where an easy-to-read label is produced showing:

  • the child's name
  • the child's class + order details.

This ensures each order is prepared and delivered accurately to each child.

  1. Create an account
  2. Top-up their $ balance whenever needed
  3. Start ordering immediately

What Does it Cost?

Your online menu is the same price as your usual menu. Registration for online ordering is free and the only cost is a 20c fee for each online order that pays for the bags and labelling.

How Parents can Register

Just Click Here and enter your email address to begin the registration process.

Find out more

If your school isn�t online already, Contact Us to find out more or register your interest now:-

Click Here to Register Now! It's Quick!

For more information, please contact us