Metropolitan Canteens embarked upon its ambition to provide valuable canteen operations in 1991 with a contract to operate one canteen. Since then our contracts have expanded to include over 100 schools in various states/territories around Australia including South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and the ACT. Our policy of controlled steady growth means we continue to expand while Metropolitan Canteens continues to guarantee schools a financial return from their canteen operation.

"At Metropolitan Canteens, we believe our success is due to our commitment to provide increased financial return and customer satisfaction through a range of nourishing, interesting and quality foods at reasonable prices"


Ray Edwards - Managing Director

Ray Edwards established Metropolitan Canteens and has brought to the business more than 30 years of food catering experience. Ray’s catering background is also complemented by his accounting qualification, which has allowed him to grow Metro Canteens to a national level, while providing canteen services that substantially increase schools own profit margins.

Ray’s approach to Metropolitan Canteens’ service is very much hands-on, regularly visiting each canteen to ensure quality-operating standards are being met both behind and across the counter.

Communicating and liaising with school principals and staff also occupies much of Ray’s time. He strives to keep these key people updated on initiatives undertaken by Metropolitan Canteens and discuss matters relating to the ongoing successful and profitable operation of their school’s canteen.

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Linda Kennedy – Administration & Employment Officer

Linda worked for the Auckland Hospital for two years as a dietician’s assistant after completing her diploma of Home Economics. During these years she acquired skills that have makes her a very important part of our company.

Linda has more than 8 years of school Canteen management experience, having worked in and managed some of South Australia’s largest public High Schools.

Having established herself with Metropolitan Canteens in 2000, and currently oversees the administration side of our operations including the accounting systems for over 90 school canteens and the administration of over 80 staff.

Linda’s approach to running canteens is hands-on and she regularly visits each canteen to ensure she is familiar with what happens behind and across the counter. She also has qualifications in bookkeeping, along with her experience working for The Bank of Scotland and the ANZ Bank here in Australia.

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