Metro Canteens SA School Buying Group Facility

Our School Group Buying Facility benefits schools who wish to continue to operate their canteen themselves but would like to increase their profits and reduce the administrative burden to school staff.

Since its introduction in July 2002, the combined projected savings on our schools purchasing costs are over $200,000 pa. Naturally, the larger the school the greater the savings, however this concept allows small high schools and primary schools to benefit greatly as well.

As an overall guide we believe we can reduce your current purchases by between 7 and 10% annually. In dollar terms this could mean your school could save between $1,500 and $18,000 without giving up control of your canteen (savings projections are dependent on school size and level of involvement within the concept)

We believe that our selection of services and team’s expertise will change the way schools run their canteens for the future. Not only with their purchasing, but with the additional services we provide that are included at no charge when you are part of our School Buying Group.

These Include:

Menu Planning

Staffing both

Payroll Options

Food Safety Plans

Canteen Design

Cooking Classes


How Metro Canteens offer all of these great savings and benefits

  • We have a group of suppliers with whom we have arranged bulk discounts.
  • We open an account in our name for your school so as you can benefit from this discount. All discounts offered are off that particular company’s normal wholesale price. These discounts range from 5% to 30%.
  • Your canteen manager orders stock whenever they want, how much they want and delivered when they want the same as they do now. We do not place the orders for you and you do not need to buy a truck load to get the discount.
  • At the end of each week, your manager sends these invoices to our office.
  • We process these invoices each week and at the end of each month we send back to the school
  1. An invoice for each week’s purchases
  2. A statement for the month with one amount for the school to pay. That’s right, you only have to write one cheque to us per month.
  3. All of the original invoices you have sent You will need these for checking your statement and department auditing purposes.
  4. A spreadsheet detailing your purchases and the amount you have saved.
  • You send us your cheque within 5 working days of receipt and we pay the suppliers.

As you can see the process is very simple but effective.